terça-feira, 7 de julho de 2015

If I don't answer your message, it's because I have a reason for....

I'm so sorry if one day I ignored your message, the reason is simple: You are such a pain in the ass!!!!! And I'm not saying this because I'm a stupid person, actually, I'm a positive friendly person. Usually I try to talk with everyone all the time, answering the messages soon as possible, but unfortunately for a few people, this mission it's impossible to be accomplished, and I will explain why...

Reason number 1 to say this

Pleaseee if we are flirting don't text me messages like "Hi sunshine have a great day, open your window and see the sun outside, it's a beautiful day, but not so bright as your smile"... Whhhaatttt??? Who in the earth text messages like this nowadays??? Please do you want to see me? Text me "Let's hang out together", "Do you wanna come to the pub and drink a beer with me?"... stay straight for what you want, and forget the Romeo and Juliet texts when you decide to message me!!!

Reason number 2

If you decided to flirt with me, also write correctly!!!! And I'm not saying about write in English or Spanish, Portuguese it's my first language. So, if you are a brazilian, please, right the words at least correctly!!! I'm not asking to use pontuations to message me, but the essential knowledge of the words. Come on, Conserto means fix and Concerto means a musical audition, one letter change everything!!!! Probably my text have a lot of mistakes in English, but I'm trying to check at least the vocabulary!!!!

Okay, basically I have only 2 reasons for not answer a message... Hahaha, so if you don't ask me for nudes (This I NEVER answer), you know how to have a good talk and know how to spell the words, we'll be fine as a friends or whatever!!!! 

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